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It has all happened before, but does it all have to happen again? Well… it is happening again. The Twelve Colonies of Kobol have been attacked, unprovoked, by the Cylons, unleashing nuclear devices that not only rocked everywhere but caused much havoc and destruction on each and every single colony, killing much of the population and decimating the Colonial Defense Forces, leaving what’s left to decide to either run or fight.

Battlestar Corinth is a story based on the Re-Imagined series of Battlestar Galactica (2003-09). The story takes inspiration from said series, but with its own twist. The story tells the tale of how the Colonial Defense Forces' 86th Battle Group, the lead element of the Seventh Fleet, made their way out of harm's way after the attack on the colonies to find a new home somewhere... out there. The Corinth is one of the CDF’s newest ships-of-the-line and though it resembles the Columbia class (ie: Battlestar Galactica) to a degree, it is a rather new vessel, having been in service for only five years at the beginning of the story. With a crew nearing eight thousand souls and its escorts having between 500 and 1,500 each, it has the largest contingent of personnel of any unit in the entire fleet. The story itself will be episodic, but will also showcase what the characters are all about as well. Each episode, in general, will not be overly long but will be impactful nonetheless. This story is meant for those that are 18+ years of age for epic warfare and other violence (including torture and rape) as well as potential high degrees of sexual content, and finally a high degree of language. Most of this story will take place on the Corinth, but will also have scenes aboard the other ships as well. Cylons (except the final five) will be making appearances as well.

This document will showcase the Colonial side of everything as well as the Cylons.