Star Trek: Babylon takes place beginning in the year 2396 with the newest Euphrates class vessel, USS Babylon, launching from Gettysburg Station after successfully going through its shakedown cruise and trials.  Before launch, the ship must also pick up new officers and crew as some were only aboard for the duration of the cruise and trials and some are being ferried to Earth.  

However, none of this was to be.  While en route from the Aldebaren Sector back to Earth, the ship detects a subspace anomaly on sensors and before anyone can act the ship is whisked away to who knows where.  After regaining their bearings, and going through tragedies from minute one, they find themselves in the Andromeda Galaxy, some two hundred thousand light years from Earth and a two hundred year trip at maximum warp.

It will be up to Fleet Captain Nathaniel “Nate” Ivers and the crew of Babylon to find a way to get home sooner than two hundred years.  With no way to contact Starfleet, much less the Federation as a whole… they are truly alone in the galaxy.  They will be met with their own trials and tribulations along the way, but will also meet good and trusted friends as well.

Unlike other Trek stories, you will not see mention of the Klingons, or the Romulans, or the Cardassians (or at least not in great detail).  As this story is set in a completely different galaxy… and trust me they will find their way home, we will see multiple other species. You, the readers, will find out that many species are human-like in nature and while this is so, they are also very different.  By these people being human, we will explore a bit of how they got here in the first place and what happened to them.


This story is rated 18+ for the following reasons:


It will be heavy at times.  Expect epic warfare violence as well as torture and gore.

Sexual Content

Moderate to heavy.  There are characters of various sexual orientations in the story, so do not expect much of anything to be entirely conventional in this category.  Though rare, there will be instances of rape and graphic and explicit sex.  Again, this is rare.


Not seen at every turn, there will be language seen throughout the story.  No real-world derogatory terminology will be used, canon-used derogatory terms can be seen.