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Star Trek: Saratoga - S1E1 (Pilot) "Brave New World"

This first episode of Star Trek: Saratoga takes the first ship of the new Federation's newest class to the deep unknown parts of space, making for the Jaspian Commonwealth, but on the way the ship and crew encounter Cardassian ships as well as rogue vessels from xenophobic elements of Earth to deter the Saratoga from completing its mission of getting the Commonwealth as full fledged members of the Federation. The ship's Captain and crew will stop at nothing to complete their mission.

This wiki will be the home to everything involving the saga written by the author. The "saga" is meant to be a collection of stories taking place in various times throughout the existence of the United Federation of Planets. From the early formation aboard the USS Saratoga to end of the Second Dominion War in the 2390s on board the USS Retribution and everything in between, these stories will show development, intrigue, and other factors to make these stories stand out.


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