New Sydney.  City of hope, city of dreams.  It’s where everyone comes to try and make a name for themselves.  It is home to one of the ten largest cities in all of the Coalition.  Hope and dreams… the definition of those words is up to the beholder, everyone has their own definition.  Home to the brightest minds, but also to the worst of the worst when it comes to criminals, New Sydney has it all.  From the greatest food, to seeing the symphony, to watching sports events, New Sydney is a city of the ages. The city is not without its… lower elements.  Crime, slums, corruption… that’s all here too. The city is four hundred years old and in that amount of time it has become a shining beacon. It does have some colorful history as well.  From powerful cyclones to terror attacks and attacks from foreign powers, the city has gone through its share of calamities as well.

The year is 2559 and Earth is constantly getting overcrowded with sprawling cities in close to every country on the planet. The countries of Earth united into one government four hundred years ago. Since then expansion has been the number one item on the minds of the planet’s officials, particularly to other nearby solar systems. While expansion into the rest of the solar system has been completed, at least to a point, this story will be focusing on the first planet that was colonized in the mid 22nd century with many from Earth coming over by the thousands: Alpha Centauri. Specifically, we will be focusing on the city of New Sydney. With its rapid expansion as for the past fifty years, the city has grown into one of the Coalition of Planets’ major cities. With a population in the city proper of over thirty million, it is one of the ten largest cities in all of the Coalition. Its protection is in the hands of the New Sydney Police Department, a force of almost 180,000 police officers strong and growing steadily.