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The year is 2559 and Earth is constantly getting overcrowded with sprawling cities in close to every country on the planet. The countries of Earth united into one government four hundred years ago. Since then expansion has been the number one item on the minds of the planet’s officials, particularly to other nearby solar systems. While expansion into the rest of the solar system has been completed, at least to a point, this story will be focusing on the first planet that was colonized in the mid 22nd century with many from Earth coming over by the thousands: Alpha Centauri. Specifically, we will be focusing on the city of New Sydney. With its rapid expansion as for the past fifty years, the city has grown into one of the Coalition of Planets’ major cities. With a population in the city proper of over thirty million, it is one of the ten largest cities in all of the Coalition. Its protection is in the hands of the New Sydney Police Department, a force of almost 150,000 police officers strong and growing steadily.




The city of New Sydney is located on Alpha Centauri III, or more commonly known as just Alpha Centauri. With over thirty million citizens, it is the largest city on the planet with its only rival being the capital of Alpha Centauri: Princeton (population of just shy of twenty million souls). New Sydney has anything and everything in it. Founded in 2159, the city was colonized with a population over a hundred thousand people and with the immigration of people over the past four hundred years, the city has grown at an average rate of over 75,000 people per year.

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S1E1 (Pilot) "A Whole New World"

This first episode of The Force introduces us to the 54th Precinct of the New Sydney Police Department and its newest officer: Detective Captain Phillip "P.J." Stokes. The 54th Precinct is tasked with the solving of murder of one of the City of New Sydney's Cabinet members as well as two fellow police officers. With the combined resources of the city, district attorney's office, and the police department, there will be justice served for the deaths of the three city servants.
To all readers, please be aware that this story is meant for readers that are eighteen (18) years of age or older. This story contains the potential for heavy language, heavy violence, and the chance, albeit rare, of NSFW content.
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Detective Lieutenant Phillip "P.J." Stokes is the newest detective welcomed to New Sydney Police Department's 54th Precinct. The Precinct's Lead Field Detective and part of the Gloucester Borough's Major Case Detective Squad, Phillip is responsible for the solving of 'major' crimes all over the city when called upon. He comes to New Sydney after serving for ten years as a Patrol Officer and Detective in the New York City Police Department. When he first comes to the Precinct he is known, to some, for being a hero of New York, having received the Coalition Medal of Freedom, the highest award that any non-military member can receive. Though many welcome Phillip with open arms for his experience, others are jealous and are angry for being passed over for promotion because of Phillip's arrival.


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